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How to Get People to do What You Want

How to use subtle psychological manipulation to make people do your bidding. Never make your own cup of tea again!

What's the Least You Can Train and Still Get Into Shape?
It's a bad thought but we've all had it... how little exercise can you get away with and still make progress? In this article I attempt to answer that question and look into just how effective 'HIIT' really is...
Home Pecs Workout
A home pecs workout that you can use anywhere (including at home, as per the title...) to build a Superman sized chest!
What Are We Made Of?
Your body is far more amazing than you probably realise. In this article I explain how you were forged in the heart of a dying star...
How to Hypnotise Someone
This article explains how mentalists and therapists use the power of persuasion to hypnotise people. A skill you can choose to use either for good or for evil...

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