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How to Get Real Life Super Powers

How to Get Real Life Super Powers


This website is really about becoming a superhuman as much as possible. I dress it up as 'self improvement', but in reality that's what this is about. I'm less interested in being very confident and more interested in being able to run super fast. So here is an article that is out and out about how to get real life super powers. There are a few different methods, unlikely though it may sound so read on.

Train in a Martial Art: There's a guy who has a 'kiai' (spirit shout) that is so powerful it can kill a bird from several feet away by disrupting its internal organs. That sounds unlikely but when you consider that some singers can crack glass that really is only an extension of that. If you don't fancy being 'shouty man' (or Black Bolt from the Inhumans for fellow geeks) then why not try becoming a Shaolin Monk? They have abilities such as being able to crack stone with their heads, and even throwing chopsticks like darts. To get to these levels of ability though you will need to train hard and probably go to live with these monks. Shaving your head is a small price to pay though for real life superpowers.

Gene Doping: Transhumanism is the idea of improving the human condition via technology. Many transhuman proponents use the tag line 'better than well' - so you're using the kind of science normally reserved for medicine but in order to improve people rather than fix them. This is of course a rather controversial subject among scientists and politics.

This is though a genuine way to get super powers. One single injection can cause 'gene doping' in mice, and by knocking out the myostatin gene (myostatin suppresses muscle development) it's possible to have 'super strength'; around twice the musculature with none of the work. Some people such as the German superboy that was in the papers not too long ago are born like this naturally (real mutants). With one injection then become the Incredible Hulk - the only downsides are that it hasn't been tested on humans and that in its current condition it may cause cancer. There are plenty more superpowers available with similar technologies though - such as the ability to control machines with thought which some paralysed patients can already do.

Become a Cyborg: This is a leg of transhumanism with a lot of potential. There's Oscar Pistorious the Olympic athlete with prosthetic legs that allow him to run faster than athletes with 'regular' legs and you could already call him a cyborg of sorts. I'm thinking of becoming a cyborg too - I need an operation on my wrist in a few years to replace it with a metal one or something (long story) so I might just ask someone to put a USB in there or a laser pen. Then I can technically claim to be superpowered. Ooh maybe an ultrasonic sensor that can sense movement and thus no one could sneak up on me or land a punch...

omeone who took this to the next level is Kevin Warwick. He integrated a sensor array into his nervous system down his spine and uses it to send telepathic messages to similarly augmented individuals (such as his wife) and to control a robotic arm remotely. If you want to know how to get real life super powers then this is the man to ask!

Train: Batman doesn't have superpowers but he practically does simply through his many skills. At the same time an incredibly trained gymnast or bodybuilder seems almost super-human. This is the first step to getting real life superpowers. Imagine if you trained in several - you could run super fast, fight well and jump really far. That's kind of what I'm trying to do at the moment.

rain training also comes into it and I'm actually certain this has a lot of untapped potential. The idea of super powers is that other people don't have them. Unfortunately people have pushed physical development quite far, but there are memory masters out there and magicians (a form of psychology essentially) who demonstrate seemingly superhuman capabilities. At the same time I'm convinced we can speed up our thought process by changing the language we think in, or use brain plasticity to create amazing senses. In the latter case take the example of 'echolocation' - a technique that blind people use to navigate by listening to the reverberation of sounds just like bats.

Build a Suit: Finally another realistic superhero you can mimic is Iron Man. Here Tony Stark simply built himself a suit full of high tech gadgetry and while you might not be able to build one that flies you could definitely achieve a few things. One guy called Troy Hurbutise has already tried this by building a suit to fight bears, while the 'Jet Man' has built a suit that lets him fly when deployed from a plane. The military are building some suits that give soldiers super strength, and you can buy awesome things like power-risers commercially. Some might argue that this does count as an answer to how to get real life super powers because you take it off at the end of the day. But don't listen to the haters...

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