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How to Make Your Voice Deeper

How to Make Your Voice Deeper


Having a deep voice is an amazing gift that affects your life in as many subtle and positive ways as say, being strong as an ox (or being tall... whatever...). When you speak with a deep booming voice people stand up and take notice and are intantly instilled with more trust and reverence. You'll be able to speak loudly and clearly and you'll find your confidence greatly improves as a result. If you were born with a small squeaky voice on the other hand you'll find people don't take what you say as seriously or are more likely to ignore you. If it's extreme you might even find yourself the subject of teasing. Here at the Biomatrix we don't believe in putting up with what you've got; we prefer to put in time and effort and change ourselves however we see fit, and having a deep voice is no different. I did some research typed it in to Google and found lots of short articles directing you to e-books or recommending smoking (which works but also gives you cancer... not great) - useless. So as usual it fell to me to look around, learn the science, try out some techniques and bring you the stuff that works.

Turns out there is a genetic element to your voice's pitch which can be improved by supplementing your diet with androgen enhancers such as tribulis terrestris (reviewed somewhere on this site I believe). Fortunately though we use muscles to speak and as a visitor this site you should know that that means one thing: training. Firstly, to have a deep booming voice the vocal chords need to be relaxed allowing them to reverberate more easily at a lower tone and furthermore, much like a guitar string, they need to be kept loose and long to give off a deep pitch. This is one reason why your voice often sounds deeper first thing in the morning after you've gotten out of bed as it's had all night to rest. It's also why your voice sounds more high pitched if you talk while looking straight up at the ceiling - because that forces your vocal chords to go taut and puts pressure on them. A quick way to improve the quality of your voice then is to tilt your head just marginally downards and to ensure you've had a deep and full night's sleep. I've heard that rubbing Vics VapoRub or something similar on your chest at night will relax them even more, so this too might be a good idea.
Another very quick fix is to speak more slowly as this will force you to pronounce your words more carefully. This also makes you sound more confident and studies have demonstrated more intelligent too. So slow down man! At the same time try to improve your breathing with breathing exercises to make sure you inhale properly with your diaphram (there are loads of these on the internet).
Training your neck muscles apparently can also improve your voice as it takes pressure off of the vocal chords. Your neck will be strengthened naturally from normal workouts, but to train it specifically you can do neck plate curls or several isometric movements. To perform neck plate curls, lie on a bench on your stomach and hold a light weight against the back of your head. Now relax your neck so that your head points to the floor, then raise it upwards to look at the ceiling and repeat. The isometric training simply involves pushing against your hand with your head. Make sure to train this in every direction.
Better than all these techniques though, you can actually train the vocal chords themselves. To do this you can either simply try 'scream' singing - singing with a scratchy voice at the top of your lungs (warning - this hurts and upsets the neighbours) or with an approach designed by those in the broadcast industry. This latter technique involves repeating the words 'ding dong, bing bong, king konnnnnnnnnnnng' - holding the final 'n' and getting lower as you do. Then each time you say it you say the whole thing slightly lower. Do this three times, then a further two times while looking up. You can feel your vocal chords working over time and allegedly you should see noticeable results in a week or so if you do it every day. I think I've noticed results, but not to the extent where anyone else notices them, or even agrees with me when I tell them...
Alternatively, just 'put on' a different voice - the voice that you want - and do this permanently until it becomes habbit. Sure it might seem a bit weird/sad putting on a 'fake' voice. But acting differently until you are different is the essence of training. Why's it okay to change your muscles and not your voice? Think outside the training box. Whatever you want to change about yourself, just go ahead and do it.

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