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Interview With Joe Eigo, Jackie Chan Stuntman!

The Joe Eigo Interview


Joe Eigo

Joe Eigo is the next big thing to hit Martial Arts, trust me on that one. If you've seen any of his videos you'll know what I'm talking about. Joe Eigo is a Gymnastics teacher and founder of 'Multi Level Moves', a hybrid of extreme martial arts and gymnastics, and he makes Neo look like a clumsy toddler.

For a long time now he's been waiting to get noticed and now finally he has. He landed a job doing the motion capture for computer game 'Trinity' in April and has since moved on to bigger things; he's become a member of the Jackie Chan stunt team! Currently he is shooting for JC's new movie: Around the World in 80 days.

He's a busy guy as you can imagine, he still runs his own web site on top of all this and when I last tried mailing him his inbox was full! However, being the kind guy he is he's taken time out to answer my questions.

Adam: Howdy Joe! I'm Adam Sinicki. Congratulations on your job with the JC stunt team! Way to go that's been my ambition ever since I was 12! I appreciate you must be very busy now but I was hoping you'd answer some questions for my new web site.

Joe: Hello Adam, to answer some of your questions, here's what I've got for you.

Adam: I've seen some of your 'Multi Level Moves' videos and they're pretty awesome,

'I believe the whole world is like one big playground.'

what is the difference between your new style and ordinary Gymnastics?

Joe: Multi Level Moves is different from gymnastics because it's really about discovering your own limits and creating new moves. You don't have to be in a gym to practise MLM because I believe the whole world is like one big playground.

Adam: Your repertoire is pretty impressive, are there any moves that you're still working on?

Joe: I'm always looking for new moves because I believe if you can't find a challenge you will create new ones. I would like to master more martial arts tricks that include a lot of spins, and some break dancing skills like airflares.

Adam: What is your favourite move?

Joe: My favourite move is side flip because it's easy to link a backwards or forwards combo from it. Also, it's easy to see where you are landing because you aren't totally inverted. This makes it easier to calculate the difficulty of jumping over objects.

Adam: I've heard that Jackie Chan expects a lot from his stunt men, how are you finding it working with him?

Joe: It's been a life long dream to work with a legend like Jackie Chan. I am very honoured to have this opportunity and am trying my best to meet up to his expectations. It's a really great experience seeing the difference between Eastern and Western cultures. Working with the JC team makes me realize how fast I have to learn in order to keep up...

'If you can't find a challenge you will create new ones'

...with the rest. One difficult barrier in the beginning was understanding their system, especially since I don't speak Chinese. It's really frustrating being the new guy but I guess, experience is all that I'm lacking. Also it's very exciting working on the action scenes. It takes a lot of time but makes you wonder which scenes they use because sometimes they cut out a lot of the good stuff.

Adam: What sort of things have you had to do for this movie?

Joe: I did a few stunts like flipping off platforms, flip kicking some bad guys, and taking some falls.

Adam: Can you give us any insight into the movie? All I know is that it is based on Around the World in 80 days. What else can you tell us?

joe eigo

Joe Eigo doing what Joe Eigo does best.

Joe: The story is very similar to the original 'Around The world in 80 days' because Philas Fogg has a bet with Lord Kelvin. This time Jackie Chan is playing Passpartout and they included a few different action scenes from around the world with some agents chasing them. It should be a fun filled movie from what I've seen so far.

Adam: Were you already a fan of Jackie Chan? Which is your favourite movie of his? Mine is Snake in the Eagle's Shadow.

Joe: I've been a fan of Jackie Chan since I first saw Rumble in the Bronx. I didn't really know too much about him before because I grew up watching a lot of Bruce Lee movies. I really enjoyed 'Drunken Master 2' because the action was incredible!

Adam: What's next for Joe Eigo? Are you sticking with the JC stunt team? What are your long-term plans?

Joe: I plan to work on my Multi Level Moves if I'm not busy working with the JC team. Also I would like to help give back more than I've taken because I consider myself very lucky.

Adam: Thank's for your time, you've really helped boost the site. Good luck in whatever you decide to do! I'll give you the address as soon as it's up!

Joe: Thanks for your questions

-Joe E -----

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