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The Rock Workout

The Rock WorkoutThe Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Workout - Rock Hard Muscle


The Rock has always had one of those physiques that everyone's envious of. He's tall and good looking, but on top of this he's also built like an ox. He looks like he could kick your door down and then take your woman (not by force) all while pulling a smile that's just too charming for you to be mad with him. I'll be honest, I've got a bit of a man crush on the Rock.

Because I'm a straight guy full of testosterone and stuff though (grr!) rather than pinning him up on the wall I instead demonstrate this infatuation by learning how to mimic his build so that I too can break down doors. Here we'll look at what the Dwayne Johnson workout looks like and how you can replicate some of his brawn. Unfortunately I can't help you with that charismatic smile...

The Rock Workout vs The Dwayne Johnson Workout

Interestingly it's fair to say that The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are two different people. There's The Rock who's the wrestler – the guy with the eyebrow and who smells cooking – and there's Dwayne Johnson the actor. Like any good actor, Dwayne got himself into a different shape for his film roles and one more befitting a Hollywood A lister rather than a nuts fighter. The Dwayne Johnson workout then is understandably one with more cardio and less bulking, while The Rock workout is one that involves lifting very heavy amounts for several reps then stuffing protein. It's the latter he's been doing recently since his return to WWE and it shows in his performances in Fast Five and The Other Guys. Here we'll look at how to get the Rock's body as it is now based on some old WWE training videos. This will be roughly the Rock workout for Fast Five.

The Rock Training

Staples of The Rock Training

From an old WWE video there seems to be three major staples of the Rock workout. The first involves a kind of circuit training/CV/cardio. These involve mostly fast movements such as running between shuttles laid out on the ground and plyometric movements such as jumping up onto boxes. In one video The Rock demonstrates a training routine where he jumps up onto boxes with explosive leg power in order to train his fast twitch muscle fibres. He did this in sets and reps and with different sized boxes and then drew all his power for that last big jump. He did this so that he could move quickly and effectively around the ring and run from rope to rope etc.

The next staple was tumbling and wrestling training. Wrestling is essentially a martial art and this involves grappling, punching and kicking and generally performing movements that tone muscle and increase cardio fitness. Supplementing your training then with a martial art will be a great way to stay ripped while you're bulking up and to get some real usable strength. Dwayne Johnson training previous to his WWE and acting career was focussed around American Football too, so it wouldn't hurt to throw in some sports of some kind if you don't fancy doing martial arts.

Dwayne Johnson WorkoutFinally The Rock workout involves power lifting moves and in this respect the Dwayne Johnson workout is quite similar to his Fast Five co-star Vin Diesel. Power lifting moves include the dead lift, the clean and jerk, the squat and the clean and press. These would be repeated for a low number of reps that would focus on explosive power and using the muscles in the body in unison for the maximum effect. This creates real-world strength and forces the body to produce growth hormone – the hormone that triggers the body to enter an anabolic state and start building muscle and tissue. It's a great way to bulk up if you want size and it makes sense that it would be a big part of Dwayne Johnson training.

It's also worth noting that in this same video The Rock stated that he trained every muscle part individually as well with isolation training and that he did each body part three times a week. Remember though that The Rock does his training full time – this is a big part of his career and especially when it's WWE training. As such you don't need to compete too much – and training each muscle part using HIT training – high intensity training – once a week should do fine.

The Rock Diet

Finally to capitalise on this workout you need to know what The Rock puts in him after a heavy day at the gym. This will likely have been a loooot have protein, and though there's not really any official information out there it's fair to say that the best way to copy his diet would be to eat a little less carbs (but still enough to give you your energy) and two take a protein shake at least twice a day. Eat lean meat whenever possible and this should mean you're on something similar to The Rock diet.

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